Ape Escape news is coming in 2020: Please be a new game


Maybe we’ll get the chance to break up more ape families

Ape Escape is one of my favorite gaming experiences: period.

I still remember the utter shock and awe that the DualShock controller method gave me when I played it for the first time: very few “new” concepts have that had much of an impact (basically, just recent VR with dual hand remotes). I still go back and play the original trilogy to this day every few years or so.

But it isn’t just the controller scheme that gets me going, it’s the utter charm that the series effortlesslysashays at every moment. Individualapes that you capture throughout the course of the game have character, not to mention the brilliant and colorful level designs. I want more of it. Yet, outside of that PlayStation Move spinoff game in 2010, the franchise has remained sadly dormant. Until…this year?

It’s a long shot, butthe 20th anniversary Twitter account for the series (that was created in June of last year) just tweeted out that the year will be “exciting and wonderful,” due to “lots of important information.” Now this could be nothing, but if we get an Ape Escape revival on the PS5 at E3 2020, I will be absolutely ecstatic.

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