Apex Legends Mobile will begin beta tests later this month


But only in India and the Philippines

It has been a hot minute since we last talked about EA bringing its wildly successful battle royale Apex Legendsto mobile. The console and PC versions of the shooter recently surpassed 100 million players worldwide, but if the success of PUBG Mobileis any indication, its greatest successes may still be yet to come. After keeping quiet on the game for the better part of two years, Chad Grenier, game director on Apex Legends, has pulled back the curtain on the mobile, free-to-play shooter.

Designed in-house at Respawn,Apex Legends Mobiletakes its battle royale formula and reworks it for the touchscreen controls at the forefront of the mobile experience. As such, there will be no cross-play with the console and PC versions, and Apex Legends Mobilewill have its own unique battle passes, cosmetics, and unlockables.

Closed beta tests on Android platforms will begin soon. However, Respawn is initially limiting these to a few thousand players in India and the Philippines. I can’t wait to see these tests come to our shores, and I’m quite interested in seeing if my phone will be able to run this game or if it’ll be time for me to upgrade to the newest Pixel.

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