Apex Legends Season 6 trailer has hints about the new legend, Rampart


She’s got a big gun

Apex Legends Season 5 is winding down, with this week being the last to provide challenges for those who still need to fill out their battle passes. Next week, there will be a limited-time mode wherein the ring never stops shrinking and players start matches with an evo shield and a Mozambique. But that’s just a little bit of tiding over for the new season launch, which is set to happen on August 18.

Respawn released a launch trailer for Season 6 today, and it has some interesting details in it. The long-rumored Rampart character shows up ready to kick ass and chew bubble gum (and she appears to have plenty of bubble gum). She is seen in the trailer operating a mounted machine gun, raining fire on the other legends in a stylish, reversed-time showing.

Another new piece of tech on display is a semi-transparent wall, which the trailer shows Bangalore using as cover while firing her weapon through it. My guess? That wall is Rampart’s tactical ability, deployable relatively frequently, while the mounted machine gun is her ultimate. It probably puts her in the category of “Defense” legends, along with the likes of Gibraltar, Caustic, and Wattson. I’m looking forward to taking over an entire building with fences and gas canisters, with a huge mounted gun on the roof for extra “stay away from me” energy.

That leaves her passive ability as an unknown, but typically Respawn releases character information closer to the season launch, so we can expect to know exactly what Rampart is capable of in the coming days. At this moment, there are only scant details on the Season 6 website, including Rampart as the new legend, a new battle pass (of course), a new energy submachine gun, and a new crafting system for finding loot. From the sound of the latter, if you can’t seem to find that hop-up you need, you will instead be able to pick up crafting materials around the map and make one yourself.

Absent from the trailer is official confirmation of a new map, which was hinted at in the Season 5 storyline. (However, the Hammond-branded rocket seems like a strong indication of a new battleground royale.) We should know more about the possibility of a new map some time before Season 6 launches later this month.