Apex Legends Season 7's 'Stories from the Outlands' is a tearjerker


New character is named Horizon, as in ‘event’

Apex Legends is gearing up for its seventh season on November 4, and at this point we know what to expect in general. Each season introduces a new playable character, and in the week before launch, we learn all of the juicy details. Today’s entry in the “Stories from the Outlands” series sets the stage for the next legend, Horizon, though it doesn’t make clear how she’ll handle in the battle royale.

She was also teased in-game a couple weeks ago, with a small quest called “A Wee Experiment,” which had the Scottish scientist leading players to newly installed gravity lifts across both the Kings Canyon and World’s Edge maps. Given other in-game teases (Octane’s jump pads, Rampart’s paintball mod), it’s pretty likely that the gravity lift will be a part of her kit. Other than that, we don’t know, but we should learn more over the next week.

What today’s video does let us know is her origin story. She was a mom who went looking for a new energy source for society, but was betrayed at the last moment and left to drift near a black hole. Relativity doing what it does, she escapes a fate of starvation, but while she only spends a short time in limbo, 87 years have passed for the rest of the universe. She returns to look for her son, to fulfill the promise that she would come back for him, though much later than originally expected. Presumably, she could also be harboring a grudge for the corporation that left her out in space to die, which may lead to her entry into the Apex Games.

We have some additional information about Season 7 via the official Apex Legends website. There will be a third map set on Olympus, and some sort of vehicle called the Trident. If past seasons are any indication, we can expect a couple more videos leading up to the start of the season. We should be in for a gameplay trailer showing off the new map and the Trident, a battle pass trailer exhibiting the new cosmetics, and finally a character introduction video focused on Horizon’s abilities.