Apex Legends' third season heralds the biggest shakeup since launch


Out today

I admire Respawn for trying to tell some semblance of a story with Apex Legends. Shooters generally use events to tell stories (or focus entirely around gaidens or promotions like Fornite), but Respawn is known for drastically altering the gamestate between seasons, and this shift is the biggest one yet.

Season 3 is called “Meltdown,” and will focus on the elements of fire and ice, giving us a completely new map called World’s Edge (ride the train, ride the train), the Charge Rifle gun, and another new character: the long-teased Crypto. This new era of the game arrives today.

It’ll be interesting to see how well Apex Legendsgets along going forward. The game’s Twitch audience has been dropping steadily since the insanely strong February launch, and there was a ton of backlash against the injection of new exploitative microtransactions in the previous season. Respawn is still unsure of exactly what they want Apex Legends to be, but in the meantime there’s a lot more content coming down the pipeline.