Apparently you can get laid via gay hookup apps by using Pokemon quotes


Guys are gross

Ask any gay guy you know with a smartphone if he knows what Grindr is and he will tell you all about the popular hookup app for men that have sex with men; from the unsolicited dick pics, to the creepy married men trying to pay for sex. Even knowing the kind of garbage I’ll be sent on Grindr, I find myself opening it a few times a day. Maybe I’m a masochist or maybe I just enjoy looking into the void of dicks. I’m not sure.

Shaun Kitchener decided to do a little experiment on Grindr by quoting the one-liners from trainers inPokémon Fire Redinstead of engaging in real conversations. He has chronicled his adventures, including many censored face and cock pictures. As you’d expect, the results are both disgusting, hilarious, and even informative if you aren’t familiar with gay sex. Like, how many of you know what a “rim stool” is? I wish I didn’t.

I joined Grindr and only used trainer quotes from Pokémon Red[Shaun Kitchener]