Arcade classic remaster R-Type Dimensions blasts onto PC and Switch this Winter


Save all your quarters

Developer Tozai Games has announced that their remastered editions or Irem’s classic shmups, R-Type and R-Type II, are headed to PC and Nintendo Switch this Winter, in the form of R-Type Dimensions.

Originally launching on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2009, R-Type Dimensions sees the interstellar action games given a fresh new look, with remodeled graphics and remixed sound. For the purists, the classic pixel graphics are also included, with players able to switch between the two styles at the mere press of a button. Also included are a new Infinite Mode and even two-player co-op.

Taking the arcades by storm in 1987, R-Type sees players steer a small-but-powerful ship against the overwhelming forces of the Bydo Empire. The game was highly praised for its fast action, special effects and memorable boss fights. R-Type II arrived in 1989, bringing with it new weapons, stages and enemies.

R-Type Dimensions launches this Winter on PC and Nintendo Switch.