Are Animal Crossing amiibo cards worth $6 per six pack?


Walmart is listing them as such

Walmart is listing Animal Crossingamiibo cards on its website for $5.96 for a pack of six, so essentially a dollar a card. That isn’t that surprising as they go for around the same price when imported from Japan, though it has been pointed out that those packs only come with three cards. In comparison, you can get 10 Pokémonor Hearthstonecards for $3. Are these really worth the price of admission?

Personally, I was totally behind the idea of amiibo, but putting them in card packs when you have a random chance of getting the ones you want is starting to seem like too much of a money grab to me. Charging me for physical DLC is one thing, but asking me to blindly gamble to get the characters I want is another. I really want to say I’ll totally pass on amiibo cards, but knowing myself I’ll buy at least one, or two, or three, or four, or five packs.