Are klassik fatalities koming to Mortal Kombat X?


Steam certainly seems to think so

Mortal Kombat X is a game largely about violently ripping people limb from limb. There’s so many ways to viciously eviscerate your enemies that the average player will have their blood-lust satiated for weeks. But what if you’re not the average player? What if your urge to view viscera has already resurfaced? Well, you’ll be glad to know Mortal Kombat X may soon have a whole bunch of new ways for you to rip, tear, explode and slaughter your friends.

According to a post on the Mortal Kombat subreddit, information found on the Steam database points to Mortal Kombat X getting klassic fatalities added as DLC packs in the coming weeks.

It’s unclear if this content will just apply to older characters or if newly created characters will also recieve new fatality content, but for now it’s safe to start looking forward to reviving the good old days. Let’s murder people like they did back in the 90’s.