Are you going to PAX Prime 2013? Let us know!


And while you’re at it, sign up to wear the Mr Destructoid helmet!

It’s that time again! At the end of every summer, we Dtoiders trek up to Seattle for the greatest gathering of gamers in the industry: PAX Prime! As usual, the Destructoid crew will be out in full force again this year, representing the greatest site on the Internet with our usual flair and panache.

This year’s four-day event goes down between August 30th and September 2nd. If you’re planning to attend, let me know in the comments! Also, please let me know which Dtoid regional group you’d like to be added to. After that, be sure to check out the info regarding our Google Groupat the bottom of this post, as it’s a great way to stay up to date with all the Dtoid PAX happenings!

Stay tuned later this week for our full schedule of panels, meetups, and more. Hope to see you all there!

Dtoid AustinTodd Sauceda

Dtoid Australia

Dtoid Baltimore/DCvApathyvMagicSwordKingvonvizzle

Dtoid Chicago

Dtoid DenverBrett Makedonski

Dtoid Europe

Dtoid Los Angeles

Dtoid MidwestApolii90Captain MericaConor Elseacrackity jonesdigtastikfillerbunny9N7Sharkey1337

Dtoid MontrealEugene

Dtoid New EnglandCyricZ

Dtoid New Yorkprotoknucklestechnicalfart

Dtoid North Carolina

Dtoid Orlando

Dtoid PennsylvaniaDarik Kirschman

Dtoid PhoenixDarren NakamuraMeanderBotShockna

Dtoid Portlanddavid_ciprianoDustin GluvnaFry SchlotfeldtlongklawMr Andy DixonPiebunionTestycanoeToneman

Dtoid San FranciscoamxwolfAustin HathawayBleach BoyHamza AzizMatCDMuddBstrdNiero GonzalesSteezyXLSwishieeXzianna

Dtoid SeattleBloodPudding (<– best username)Capm TrevoDerek BoykoElektroDragonhammerheadhomohabilisLance IcarusMr GobbldigookRevenilesteveoman75TwinDad

Dtoid SoutheastflintmechFuzunga

Dtoid Toronto

Dtoid UK

Dtoid Vancouver, BCCharlie RiotElsa (and husband)ScottyGStryngBean


Again, if you’re planning on attending, please tell us in the comments and we’ll add your name to the list! Please be sure to include your region as well. If there isn’t already a region established for you, why not start a Dtoid City Group of your very own? Contact me or Conor Elsea and we’ll hook you up with all you’ll need to know to get started!

Also, be sure to join our PAX Prime 2013 Google Group and check out our Meetup Forums for additional info on group meetups, finding a roommate, travel arrangements, signing up to wear the Mr. Destructoid helmet, and more!