Are you picking up a New 2DS XL?


I did for the collection

Nintendo is going to be pushing the New 2DS XL hard this week. In addition to Miitopia, Hey! Pikminis also out for the entire 3DS family, which will likely spur some extra in-store sales when people see that there’s “another portable” in the mix.

Really, at this point, the 2D limitation is almost a selling point. Nintendo has been winding down the feature in recent years, and we’ve come full circle now where major first-party games like Hey! Pikminaren’t even supporting it. It makes the decision to pull the trigger that much easier, especially since it’ll run graphically intensive or exclusive 3DS games that demand the “New” hardware.

But will those aforementioned games actually sell? Are people just too Switch-crazy to notice that the 3DS still exists? We’ll probably know in a little less than a year. The Switch needs to break its 10 million target first (they’re basically halfway there), and although we know Reggie’s promises mean nothing, he claims that the 3DS will be supported past 2018. I got one, but I also collect these things, and use them frequently on trips (my favorite all-time portable is probably the GBA SP).

If you haven’t read our detailed review yet, it might influence you if you were leaning toward a decision one way or another.

Are you picking up a New 2DS XL?