Are you playing Drawn to Death? Not many people seem to be


So uh

I was right there on launch day with Drawn to Death. Sure, David Jaffe has had some misses in his career, but the idea of a free PS4 shooter (with Plus) sounded pretty sweet.

I’m wondering though, is anyone else aware that this game even exists? I had some trouble finding a multitude of people to play, and it seemed like I was rolling with the same crew on a consistent basis. It’s kind of a shame, as Drawn to Deathdoes a lot of things right.

Although some microtransaction based concepts (read: keys, which unlock weapons) do seem a little scummy, most of the economy is based around cosmetics,built around a fairly solid shooter base. I don’t have enough experience to truly render a verdict as to whether or not I actually like it (Jordan will have something for you soon), I’m definitely conflicted.

But really, mainly just wanted to know if you’re playing it, and what you think about it.