Ariana Grande is so into Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius


A little more touch the gamepad!

I always find it strange when there are celebrity cameos in video games. I’m not talking about something like the zaniness of Keith David being in Saints Row as Keith David (…after having voiced Julius in the first two games), but more like when the celebrity has their exact likeness placed into the title in a serious manner. How does one explain Zachary Levi being in Tomb Raider, for instance?

Oddly, though, I’m not so opposed to Ariana Grande appearing in a Final Fantasy title. This may mostly have to do with the main characters from Final Fantasy XV looking like a J-pop boy band, but having a costumed pop star running around in the zany world of Final Fantasy almost seems natural. I mean, Lightning from XIII looked like she had just left puberty, so Ariana isn’t too far off.

pretty lil thing holds her own in a room of men in suits ♡ 👋🏼 I’m SO so excited to finally share that I’ll be featured in FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS *crying* 🌌♡ check out my character in the game, it’s the cutest thing i’ve ever seen in my entire life and i’m so excited and in love with it i cannot contain myself. #FFBEWW 🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌

A photo posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on Jan 1, 2017 at 2:35pm PST

Along with posting the awkward photo of being surrounded by six men, Ariana also shared the sprite sheet for her character on her Instagram account. Typing that sentence made me a little sick, but any potential fans are sure to be overjoyed by seeing this.

a little peek at DW featured in #FFBEWW 🙈🙈🙈🙈🌌 ♡🐇🐇🐇🐇

A video posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on Jan 1, 2017 at 3:11pm PST

I don’t know much about Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, so I can’t tell if this is going to be paid DLC or some kind of timed unlock for the mobile spin-off. Honestly, I can’t even find much about how Brave Exvius plays and I keep wanting to type Exivus as if either spelling variation is a real word. Would it really hurt Square Enix to stop with the nonsensical titles?