Arika's fighting game with no name looks super fast and fun


Basically a faster Street Fighter EX

It’s been pretty fun watching Arika find their footing with their “Mysterious Fighting Game.” They’re adding characters, finding their bearings, and slowly crafting a full competitor. Arika uploaded 50 minutes of gameplay footage (utilizing the latest playable build at EVO) of their staff members showing off what this game can do so far and it looks super fun.

At glance, this seems to share a lot of similarities with Street Fighter EX (enough to assume this’ll eventually be an entry in the Fighting Layer series) but movement is a bit faster. Chain supers (as one can quickly cancel a super into a second one) are here, as well as a Street Fighter X Tekken-esque load out system giving buffs. I’d like to know more about this system for sure.

If the current incarnation of the project looks this fun to watch, I can’t wait to play the full product next year. Skullomania all the waynia.

50 minutes of Arika’s “Mysterious Fighting Game” gameplay [Gematsu]