ARK: Survival Evolved is getting a free-to-play mobile version


Full launch sometime this spring

The very large MMO about giant dinosaurs is coming to the platform that’s physically the smallest. ARK: Survival Evolvedis getting a mobile adaption.

Developer Studio Wildcard just announced that ARKwill be released on both iOS and Android.The mobile version is being developed by War Drum Studios, which most recently created the mobile port ofBully. This take on ARKwillbe free-to-play, but a press release states that it’ll have the “full online survival experience” that’s found on PC and console. That might be tough to gauge right now, but it’s worth noting that there will be both single- and multiplayer functionality.

As for when this is happening, well, it’s kind of right now. There’s a limited iOS beta that you can sign up for. Otherwise, there’s a full launch for both iOS and Android planned for later this spring. ARKhas been popular enough that approximately 13 million people have bought some version of it. It stands to reason that plenty more will be interested in trying it for free.