ARK: Survival Evolved will have two graphical modes for Xbox One X


And Play Anywhere support is now coming in November

We’re mere weeks away from the Xbox One X launch. Think you’ll get one? (Now, or ever?)

Studio Wildcard has spoken about its Xbox One X update for ARK: Survival Evolved and while the new hardware won’t lead to a silver bullet that fixes all of the game’s performance woes, it’ll enable noticeable improvements. The developers are smartly giving players a choice between two modes.

“The first is a Detailed Graphics version with 1440p resolution and Truesky (which is the equivalent to High quality on the PC) at 30fps. The second is a 1080p mode which equates to the current Xbox One graphics, with improved 60fps.

The Xbox One X has increased RAM, 60-70% more RAM compared to the Xbox One, which will help to eliminate out of memory issues. It also means faster loading times and better streaming due to a faster hard-drive and the ability to cachedata into RAM (coming November 7th) that will allow faster and better access to repeat files. The Xbox One X willeliminate the host tether in local splitscreen modeand will increase the tether range in non-dedicated mode. Unfortunately we were unable to remove the tether completely due to CPU limitations, but we hope that players will benefit from the increased range.”

Wildcard also notes that support for Xbox Play Anywhere and cross-play are still happening, but they’re now expected to go live in November. “We’re very interested in the effects of CrossPlay, but we’re cautious of enabling PC and Xbox Players to game together without having our anti-cheat ready, so it’s going to take a little longer to get that sorted, but it will ensure a much better experience overall.”

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