Armello's got two new characters, ready for full release on September 1


Fur-nal Fant-fur-sy Tactics

Armello, a game that Dale North described as “Magic the Gathering meets Final Fantasy Tactics”, is finally graduating from Early Access on September 1 in all its Redwall-esque glory.

Along with the news of the final release, two new characters have been unveiled: Zosha the rat, and Barnaby the rabbit.

Zosha is a stealth-based character (being a rat and all), with the ability to outflank and sneak past enemies when she needs to. Barnaby on the other hand is built around being more adaptable, being able to come up with “the perfect item to fit any situation”.

The game will be available for two more days until July 31, and then it will be unavailable for sale all the way through August until its full release in September. So if you want an interesting strategy game with an absolutely lovely art style, and you want it now, maybe grab it while you can. Or wait a month, you know, it’s not that long.

The debut trailer for Armello is below, should you want to see the game in action.