Arrrr! the troublesome Risky Boots is next in Volks' Shantae range


Pirate Booty

WayForward and Volks has announced the next figure in the CharaGumin series of Shantae characters, and it’s finally the turn of the half-genie hero’s long-time rival, Risky Boots.

Appearing in every title in the Shantae series to date, Risky is a scurvy pirate gal who repeatedly shows up in Sequin Land with bad intentions. Flocked by her Tinkerbat army and captain of the P.O.O.P.T.O.O.T. Risky has caused many a problem for Shantae, Sky, Bolo and co. (though one can’t help but note her softer, more vulnerable edge displayed in the excellent Shantae and The Pirate’s Curse.)

Risky’s figurine, like Shantae and Rotty before her, will be a kit and thus will require some minor construction on the owner’s part, before displaying the seadog in all of her mischief-making glory, big hat and bell-bottoms in check. There are no specific details, but previous figures in the series stand around six inches in height and sell for about $70.

Shantae 5 is currently in development at WayForward for release later this year.

⚔New Shantae Figure: Queen of the Seven Seas⚔

Ready? Fire!

RiskyBoots is joining Shantae and Rottytops in the figure crew!

Doesn’t she look fiercely beautiful?@WayForward @MrBozon

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