As the Miiverse prepares to die, official Nintendo accounts say goodbye



As a reminder, the Miiverse will be completely dead on November 8.

I mean, it’s kind of on life support this very moment, as one of the only channels that’s obtaining regular official updates is the “Everybody’s Message Community,” which is allowing developers to say goodbye before the door is shut for good. Yes, even developers are taking the opportunity to thank players for playing their games and using the Miiverse, as a number of Mario Maker, Zelda, and Captain Toad team members (among others) are posting on the channel one last time.

You can freely browse the community yourself online, without having to boot up your Wii U or 3DS, by simply clicking on its link. It’s all so bittersweet, but at least they got the go-ahead to have one last stand before it’s taken offline.

Everybody’s Message Community [Miiverse]