NIS lifts the lid on time-looping murder mystery title Asatsugutori


Yes, another time loop game coming in 2021

Nippon Ichi Software has revealed the creepy new game that it has been teasing over the past week. As noted in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, NIS’ Asatsugutori is a brand new murder mystery adventure that features that most popular mechanic of gaming’s current zeitgeist: The Time Loop.

Asatsugutori will tell the grim tale of eight young girls, living together in a mysterious complex and each seemingly doomed to die a miserable death. The player protagonist, however, has been given the gift of time manipulation, and must solve each murder upon discovery of the corpse — winding back the clock to chat with the victim, gather evidence, ascertain alibis, and uncover other clues in the lead-up to the grisly killing.

Little else is known about the intriguing new title at this date, but NIS has a full reveal planned for tomorrow, August 5. Currently in development for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, Asatsugutori is scheduled to launch in Japan November 25. There’s no word on whether NIS will be bringing the murder ‘n’ mayhem westward, but given the recent output of NIS America, I would be surprised if we don’t see Asatsugutori hit these shores in 2022.

NIS announces ‘time loop investigation adventure game’ Asatsugutori [Gematsu]