Here's our first look at grim, time-looping murder game Asatsugutori


You kids with yer death and yer time travel

Nippon Ichi Software has finally offered up a full reveal of its recently teased new title, Asatsugutori, which is currently in development for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The dark-looking adventure follows a group of girls inside a miserable, dilapidated building, who use the paradoxical intricacies of a time-loop in order to prevent a series of gruesome murders… their own.

Asatsugutori puts players in the quaking boots of young Hibari, who awakens in a miserable hospital bed housed within a depressing unknown location. Discovering seven other girls within the building, our protagonists soon learn that someone — or something — is out for blood, picking our hapless heroes one by one. Hibari has a trick up her sleeve, however, the ability to rewind time and hopefully prevent each killing from taking place. Like Quantum Leap but with doe-eyed anime gals.

After discovering each grisly corpse, it is up to Hibari to rewind the clock, gather evidence, interrogate suspects (and the soon-to-be victim), and take steps to prevent the murder from taking place. Hopefully, Hibari and her new pals will also uncover the mysterious force that trapped them all within this looping nightmare and, more importantly, find a way to break free. Asatsugutori certainly looks like it will appeal to fans of series such as Danganronpa, though the former appears to have a far subtler and bleaker aesthetic. You can check out more screenshots and character profiles on NIS’ official Asatsugutori website.

Asatsugutori will launch in Japan on PS4 and Nintendo Switch November 25. There is no word on a western release as of yet, but given the stellar localization work by NIS America in recent years, it’s worth remaining hopeful.