Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell might be getting exclusive VR games


Oculus needs some big names

If recent reports are to be believed, Facebook is embarking on a new effort to add some familiarity to the Oculus library of games. Virtual reality isn’t necessarily short of games to play, but it’s left wanting when it comes to big-name recognition.

According to The Information, Facebook and Ubisoft have signed a deal to bring exclusive VR Assassin’s Creedand Splinter Cellentries to Oculus. Jason Rubin, who’s the vice president of special gaming initiatives (and former head of content at Oculus and co-founder of Naughty Dog), is said to be leading the charge. Both Facebook and Ubisoft declined to confirm this rumor.

The mindset is easy to understand: Beloved franchises will entice people to buy into virtual reality. Oculus has already done the work with the hardware, making things significantly more accessible than when the Rift first launched. And VR has some absolute gems like Superhotand Beat Saber, but those are things to look forward to once you already have a headset. But a new Splinter Cellgame? For some people, that might be a system seller.

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