Assassin's Creed Origins team confirms New Game+ is coming at some point


‘More information to share soon’

Ubisoft games, for better or worse (in the case ofAssassin’s Creed Origins’ engaging world, better), are packed with open world content. Sometimes it’s pin on the map busywork sometimes there’s a concerted amount of effort put into it, but I’ve generally been enjoying most of the things Originsthrows at me.

That’s why I’m not super hard-pressed for a New Game+ mode at the moment, but according to community manager Dominik Voigt, it is coming. Speaking to fans on reddit who were asking about the mode, Voigt stated,New Game + is coming. We’ll have more information to share soon.”

This is in addition to the rad looking museum mode that’s coming for free, all the other free content updates, and the rest of the season pass. Originshas knocked it out of the park after a few polarizing Creed releases, and I hope Ubisoft takes their time on the next one so they don’t erase all this good will.

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