Assassin's Creed: Origins won't fail your mission upon detection


18 minutes of gameplay via IGN

Assassin’s Creed: Origins‘sdirectorAshraf Ismail sat down to play a new mission with IGN in a new 18-minute gameplay video. As pointed out by Push Square, Ismail states that they are removing some frustrating aspects like auto-failing a mission whenever you are detected or when you accidentally leave the mission area.

This was one of my main gripes withAssassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Not only were a vast majority of the missions boring espionage or tailing objectives, requiring you to remain in blue circle, but it was so easy to accidentally leave the mission zone or get seen, forcing lots of trial and error which left the overall game experience muddled.

Gameplay shows off some tomb raiding, chatting with kids, and combat. I know it’s in vogue to say say we’re burned out on Assassin’s Creed, but if they keep delivering detailed and accurate historic locations them I’m into it. Definitely felt dull staying in the Americas and the U.K. for a while, but I think Egypt will be the breath of fresh air the series needs. Then hopefully they can finally make a AAA entry in China to make up for ruining the opportunity on that side-scrolling nonsense.