Astral Chain director talks about one of the game's most important concepts: cats


How action will flow, you control two characters at once, and there’s lots of cats

So Astral Chain was probably one of the coolest low key games at E3 this year. The Nintendo Treehouse showed it off on two different days, and we got a lot of info as to how combat will work. In short, things are looking really good.

The game’s director Takahisa Taura also managed to sneak in a quick under-a-minute blurb about the game, highlighting the three most important facets of Astral Chain: its combat, the dual character control system, and cats.Taura says that the core is “right in the middle of Bayonetta and NieR: Automata, a comparisonTaura is perfectly capable of making as Platinum produced both modern action classics. Second, he wants people to understand the “Dual Action” system that allows you to either focus fire two characters on the same enemy at once, or split them apart.

Finally, “lots of cats appear…and you can find them in various places.” Something tells me the last point is the most appealing!Astral Chain is out on August 30 of this year exclusively on Switch.