Astral Chain is a new Platinum game coming to Switch and it looks anime as hell


The chains of co-op?

While the big Nintendo Direct news that turned heads today was most definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, the Link’s Awakening remake, I was the guy who went “yeah but what’s Astral Chainthough,” as I tilted my head in amusement.

The trailer opens up with a police officer duo basically wrecking shit: complete with transformations and a chain-based combat system that Nintendo is slyly hinting will be multiplayer-centric. We get a decent look at the world, the monsters that inhabit it, and a bunch of gameplay: it’s a Good Trailer.

Even more curiously, Masakazu Katsura is on board for the character designs and legendary action developer Hideki Kamiya is a “supervisor” for the project. Takahisa Taura of Nier: Automatafame (and whoa, look at that low key Anarchy Reigns shoutout, may that lovely game never die) is directing.

Astral Chainis set to launch on August 30 on Switch. It’s a PlatinumGames joint: I’m already there.