ASUS' liquid-cooled laptop has a huge badonkadonk


Dat ass *bites lip*

ASUS announced what very well may be the world’s first liquid-cooled laptop, the GX700, and it has some junk in its trunk. Currently not much is known about the laptop, as ASUS has only shown pictures of it and not released any specs other than noting it will feature one of Intel’s mobile K-series Skylake processors that were recently released, a 4K 17-inch screen, and an Nvidia GTX GPU.

With the large container on the back, clearly this laptop is set to be a desktop replacement, but this begs the question of who is it for? Sure, it is a smidgen more portable than a mid tower and a monitor, but not by much. Surely only the most hardcore video editors and gamers will be looking at buying this hunk of hardware when it releases in Q4 of this year.