At least six future Street Fighter V characters have been found in the game's files


Including some fan favourites

With the recent announcement of Dhalsim, we now know the entire roster of returning characters coming to Street Fighter V at launch. Overall it’s a pretty decent roster and the new characters look fantastic, with one original character still yet to be revealed for the game’s launch. Still, there will always be disappointment for some when their favourite Street Fighter IV character is nowhere to be seen.

Don’t worry though, as user AceKombat of Shoryuken has datamined the Street Fighter V beta and found audio files that suggest either six or seven characters not previously confirmed for the game might be in active development.

The seven names found in the files are: Juri, Alex, Guile, Ibuki, Urien, Fun, and Balrog.

Now Alex and Urien make sense, as previous leaks suggested they were returning along with already confirmed launch characters Karin Kanzuki and Rainbow Mika. Juri, Guile and Ibuki are all fan-favourites, and so their returns were also to be expected.

Balrog is a weird case: his, Vega’s, and M. Bison’s names were all switched from the Japanese versions to avoid legal troubles with having a boxer called M. Bison. The file found is either for the boxer we know as Balrog, who has not been confirmed for Street Fighter V yet, or it’s a leftover file from the Japanese version where the already announced character Vega is known as Balrog. My person feeling is that it probably is the boxer Balrog, however with leaks like this it’s tough to really know for sure.

Fun (or ‘Fan’ as some people are claiming) is a character we know nothing about. Chances are they’re a new original character for Street Fighter V, so I’m sure if they are new we’ll be hearing about them soon enough.

So now I just need to sit in my hole and patiently wait for Cody to come to Street Fighter V. One day, my friend… one day.

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