At long last, Fallout: New California is finished and released


21 years before The Courier was shot…

It’s a big day for Fallout. Most eyes are trained on the Fallout 76 beta that goes live later this evening. (It begins on Xbox One at 7pm eastern; here’s how to access the beta.) But there’s another lesser-known project that released today.

After seven years of hard work, the Fallout: New Californiagame has finally released. It’s a Fallout: New Vegasmod that takes place after Fallout 2. It details the war between the Enclave and the New California Republic, and it leads into Fallout 3and New Vegas. And, unlike that other game, it’s purely single-player.

Developer Radian-Helix Media has crafted a hefty campaign for Fallout: New California. There are approximately 48 quests (give or take depending on what choices you make) and 13 endings. The map is two-thirds the size of New Vegas‘. Radian-Helix expects it’ll take a minimum of 6 hours to finish, but players who are completionists will find themselves stretching it out for approximately 30 hours.

All that’s required to play Fallout: New Californiais a PC copy of New Vegas. Anyone who bought it through Steam or Humble will have a 4GB update to download. GOG has patched New Vegasso that it’s ready for New California. From there, it’s a 6.6GB download for all the files for the new campaign. For exact instructions, follow the steps on the ModDB page.

It’s also worth noting that this is technicallya beta. Fallout: New Californiais content-complete, but some bugs are going to pop up when it’s in the hands of the masses. Still, it’s a landmark day for Radian-Helix. It took seven years, but everyone can finally play Fallout: New California.

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