Atlas and P-body from Portal 2 get the Figma treatment


Prototypes revealed at New York Toy Fair

Portal 2had a great single-player mode, but the most fun I had with the title was playing through the devious puzzles in the cooperative two-player section. Instead of controlling a human, your Portal gun in this mode was carried by one of two cyclopean robots named Atlas and P-body. The pair never say a word, but they have tons of personality that comes out through their movements and gestures in the game.

Earlier today, the Good Smile company revealed at the New York Toy Fair that two new Figma models of the robots will soon be available. While toys depicting the pair have been obtainable in the past, the Figmas look to have a lot more points of articulation. You can see a photo of the prototypes as well as the presumptive box art below.

Good Smile Company [FaceBook]