Atlus censoring upcoming RPG for western audiences


Dungeon Travelers 2 avoids AO rating

While publishing our initial report on Dungeon Travelers 2, a PlayStation Vita role-playing game based on an erotic visual novel, I wondered what sort of concessions Atlus would have to make to localize such a game for western audiences. Now we know the answer.

Atlus admits the “fan service content” presented some challenges during the ratings process. In order to receive classification without getting slapped with the dreaded “Adults Only” rating, the publisher needed to make “minor edits” to four in-game images that were deemed too steamy or inappropriate for the “Mature” crowd.

According to Atlus, the revisions were approved by developer AquaPlus, who collaborated on the changes to preserve the game’s original themes and content as much as possible. The publisher says it’s “very aware of what impact censorship can have on import titles,” but is “confident that the changes [it] made to the images inDungeon Travelers 2were the least invasive possible to still be eligible for a release in the West.”

Despite the minuteness of the changes and how they’re being handled, some corners of the Internet are outraged over these content edits, with various individuals expressing disappointment in Atlus, while others throw tantrums and call for prospective buyers to boycott the game.

How do you feel about publishers making minor alterations to avoid running afoul of the ESRB?