Atlus has big plans for Persona's 25th anniversary, and we'll have to 'wait a little while longer' for Shin Megami Tensei V


Take your time

The time has come to check in with Japanese studios at the end of the year, via Famitsu’s annual interview series. So far we’ve learned vague plans for both Platinum and Square Enix, but the Atlus portion of the check-in is fascinating in its own right.

Famitsu caught up with three of Atlus’ main developers, all of whom have different goals.Shinjirou Takata, producer on the Shin Megami Tensei series, is very much head to the ground on the upcoming Shin Megami Tensei V. Their keyword for 2021 is “think outside the box” (this series, and Persona, usually do), and he and his team are “working hard on development,” though we’ll have to “wait a little while longer” for it to materialize. Take your time!

As for Katsura Hashino(who dabbles in just about everything at Atlus, including both of the aforementioned franchises) is going to focus on “silence” in 2021, and implies that the impact of the current pandemic on game development has caused he and his team to be more focused. Even so, he would like to “announce the title [they’re] developing as soon as possible,” which is a “fantasy RPG” project.

Kazuhisa Wada(chief designer and occasionally director/producer for Persona games) is fully focused on Persona it seems, and their project has been “steadily in the works.” Wada gets the last word though and manages to tease “exciting plans” for the 25th anniversary of Persona. Vague! But promising.

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