Atlus just opened up the 25th anniversary Shin Megami Tensei site


Right on

My first ever experience with the SMT series was with its spinoff, Persona, back in 1996. My older cousin randomly picked it up because of the demonic imagery, and we spent hours huddled around a crappy TV playing it, switching off at key points in the story.

It was here that I discovered that it was part of the larger Megami Tensei umbrella, which had started nearly a decade before in Japan, and by the time Nocturne came out on the PS2 I was embedded in the series. Thankfully Atlus is not pulling a Nintendo and ignoring such a massive part of their history, as they’ve just opened up a 25th anniversary site for SMT.

The wording seems to suggest that SMT V will be announced sometime soon, but we also have Persona 5 coming out in the west as a celebration of sorts!

25th [SMT via Nintendo Everything]