Atlus teases 'surprise' titles for 2022 in New Year's greeting


Atlus Shrugged

The holiday weekend saw many studios and publishers take to the information superhighway to welcome their respective fans and customers to 2022, loosely promising good teams ahead for their respective IPs and franchises. Atlus is one such example publisher who, in a Famitsu article, teased some unannounced games that are waiting in the wings.

According to Atlus, (and translated by Siliconera) 2022 will see the company release several yet-to-be-revealed “surprise titles” into its bursting catalog of modern classics. In addition, the coming year will see Persona enter the “next phase” of its 25th-anniversary celebrations. This isn’t, by definition, how anniversaries work, fellas. Atlus also thanked fans for helping Shin Megami Tensei V smash through 800,000 sales since its release. The long, long, long-awaited JRPG sequel finally launched on Nintendo Switch in November 2021, receiving plaudits from critics and fans.

As for the remainder of 2022, we do know that Atlus plans to re-release 2013 fighting title Persona 4 Arena Ultimax on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch come March 17. We also know that fine adventure game Persona 5 Strikers will be joining the PlayStation Plus service in but a few days from now. 2019 strategic adventure 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim will also be coming to Nintendo Switch in April — no doubt pleasing a lot of Nintendo fans. But as for Atlus’ new titles, I guess we’ll have to remain entrenched in the “wait and see” camp for now.


— アトラス公式アカウント (@Atlus_jp) December 31, 2021