Attack on Titan intro is red, mad, and nude on-line


You can play as one of these bad boys

The latest game based on the Attack on Titan anime is about to loose itself on Japan (February 18 for PS3, PS4, and Vita), so here’s the intro if you can’t wait to see anatomical muscular models until it gets some kind of western release.

Better still, my own mental gymnastics of linking these titanic nasties to The Life of Pablo by way of a clever Pappademas riff on “Old Kanye” and the red, mad, and nude meme (from when that one guy who was very red and not at all mad took his clothes off to try and win an argument on Twitter, bless). But seriously, like others have said, I would like an album-length feature of Kanye rapping his name with things.

But seriously folks, these Titans are red, mad, and nude as hell.

The always rude Kanye. Red mad and nude Kanye.

— PAPPADEMAS (@PAPPADEMAS) February 14, 2016