Away: The Survival Series looks a little rough but I love its concept


10 minutes of developer-narrated footage from Gamescom

The sugar glider adventure Away: The Survival Series is aiming for an early 2021 release on PC and PlayStation 4, and if you’re open to exploration games that are rough around the edges but set you loose in a compelling landscape, you’ll want to watch this 10-minute developer walkthrough video.

Yeah, the sugar glider’s movement looks iffy at times and the possess-other-creatures mechanic is a curious choice, but I can easily picture myself scouring this hidden animal kingdom for secrets.

The walkthrough covers a few facets of Away including instinct vision (to see food and threats), sneaking through grass, chasing a fast-moving meal, a nature documentary narrator, and environmental storytelling. The game is set in the “distant future,” and in this footage, the player temporarily possesses an insect so they can crawl into a crack and investigate a decaying computer.

Not all games need to be an eight out of ten, you know? I just hope Away isn’t too tedious.