Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 starts today


It’s that time of year again

Speedrunners unite! Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) has returned, once again, to hurtle through a selection of classic and contemporary video games in the name of charity.

The next seven days will see speedrunners from across the globe gather in Herndon, Virginia to take on hundreds of challenges, on a variety of titles, across multiple formats. Donations from viewers will be accepted throughout, and will go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. (Last year’s event saw a staggering $2.2 million raised for the charity).

Various interviews and competitions, where viewers can bag some amazing prizes, are expected to be held. Games putting in an appearance this year include Star Fox 2, Sonic Mania, Splatoon 2, Resident Evil 7 and Secret of Evermore. Also included, as always, are a selection of games from the Zelda, Super Mario, Castlevania and Metal Gear series.

The full schedule can be found right here. AGDQ begins today at 08:30PT/11:30ET/16:30UTC and can be watched live on the official Twitch channel. The event will be streaming for the entire week, before wrapping up Sunday, January 14.

Good luck to all staff and runners participating!

Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 [Twitch]