Awesome mod turns Doom into a first-person Castlevania


Whip it Good

id Software’s Doom does not only hold the title of being one of the single most influential video games of all-time, but it also seems to be the go-to for a whole bevy of fun fan projects, from efforts to get the shooter running on every platform under the sun, to a host of amusing in-game mods and re-designs.

This particular hit in this long line of fan projects comes from modder Andrea Gori, who has used the Doom engine as the basis for their wicked first-person take on Konami’s gothic classic, Castlevania. As you can see from the video below, the GZDoom mod – titled Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny – sees the whip-cracking Belmont storm Dracula’s castle in first-person form, taking on all of the series’ original villains and perils from a whole new perspective.

The gang’s all here, from fire-spewing gargoyles and pesky bats, to boss characters such as Frankenstein’s Monster and Dracula himself. Health pickups and power-ups are rare, but Simon’s trusty whip and projectiles are present and correct, as are the iconic candelabras and hidden bonuses. From this video, it appears that Castlevania-as-Doom works surprisingly well. Kudos to the talented Gori for this great take on one of gaming’s classic franchises.

Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny [Free Game Planet Twitter]