Axiom Verge releases soon on PlayStation Vita


PS4 players won’t need to pay again

It has taken much longer than expected to reach this point, but we’re now mere weeks out from Axiom Verge‘s release on PlayStation Vita. It’s launching April 19, 2016, with a 10 percent discount available during its first week, and Cross-Buy support for the PlayStation 4 version.

What was the holdup? “One analogy that I like to use when describing getting Axiom Verge working on PS Vita is that of a lightbulb,” says designer Tom Happ. “For months, Tom Spilman [who led the porting effort at Sickhead Games] was putting in all of the wiring, but until it was fully connected, the light bulb just couldn’t turn on. And finally, about a month ago, Tom Spilman was able to make the final connection. The build went from not running at all on Vita to running almost perfectly. There were a few bugs here and there that needed to be tweaked, but most of that was fairly minor and easily handled.”

I’m just glad to hear that the project wasn’t dropped. Should be a nice fit for the handheld.

Axiom Verge Comes to PS Vita April 19 [PlayStation Blog]