Azure Striker Gunvolt gets a New 3DS update, adds more buttons


I like buttons

I still go back to Azure Striker Gunvolt from time to time. It’s an excellent little platformer and a wonderful ode to the Mega Man ZXseries. Developer Inti Creates has just shared update 1.2 is on the way, set to debut on March 5, that will bring a few improvements in tow.

Boss Rush Mode will now be unlocked after completion, the demo will get full save data transfer support (which will debut tomorrow), and a few “small bug fixes.” But the biggest update is probably the New 3DS-centric addition, which adds support for the ZL and ZR buttons to change weapons on the fly. If you have a New 3DS you’ll also get faster load times.

As previously stated, adding support in for the New 3DS buttons is much simpler than putting in Circle Pad Pro controls, as the latter takes a percentage of the 3DS’ processing power.