Back 4 Blood spills the deets on its zombie bustin' beta, kicking off August 5


Send More Paramedics

For those of you just itching to start doing the monster mash, (that’s “mashing monsters” as opposed to “kitschy ’60s novelty songs”), then Turtle Rock Studios has spilled the beans in regards to its upcoming multiplayer title, Back 4 Blood, which will lift the lid on its first major beta-testing program at the start of next month.

The Back 4 Blood beta will offer up two of its PvE campaign maps, along with two PvP maps taken from its Swarm Mode. Participants will be able to choose from five of the roster’s wacky cast of “Cleaners”, as well as six of its grotesque monsters, or “Ridden”. The beta will feature a fully stocked arsenal of weapons and gear, and will also support crossplay and cross-gen support.

From August 5 to August 9, pre-order customers can check out Back 4 Blood on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms. The beta servers will then be taken offline for a few days, before returning the weekend of August 12-16, where play will be made available to anyone who wants in on the carnage. Beta registration is still open right here. These beta periods will provide Turtle Rock the opportunity to test out the quality and stability of B4B‘s online capabilities, while spotlighting any remaining bugs or balance issues to be ironed out before the title’s official release in October. All in, it sounds like a pretty meaty month for horror-shooter heads, especially those still mourning the loss of the Left 4 Dead franchise.

Back 4 Blood launches on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on October 12. It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass. The PC edition will be purchasable through both Steam and Epic Games Store. All platforms feature crossplay and crossgen support.