Back 4 Blood has welcomed six million monster mashers to date


Happy, happy Halloween…

Turtle Rock Studios will certainly be celebrating this October 31. The explosive zombie shooter, Back 4 Blood, has gotten off to a very impressive start having welcomed six million players into its gore-soaked universe since its October 12 launch.

The developer announced that mega-player-milestone in a brief message on Twitter, where the studio thanked players for investing in Back 4 Blood‘s hyper-violent party play. The multiplayer shooter is a pseudo-follow-up to M.I.A. franchise Left 4 Dead, and retains that title’s concept of a team of misfit strangers (or “Cleaners”) thrown together to battle a gooey mutant apocalypse. Teams of players select from a roster of uniquely skilled characters, and must utilize teamwork and player synergy — along with a sharp eye for a headshot, of course — to ensure that everybody survives the night.

Unleashed among the media, Back 4 Blood has received positive reviews with caveats. While many reviewers found the game engaging and fun at a base level, it has also been criticized for featuring extended periods of dull downtime, with some players frustrated by a myriad of hitches and glitches during gameplay. As a live multiplayer title, these are all problems that can hopefully be ironed out in time, allowing Back 4 Blood to nestle snugly into the grave left wide open by the absence of Left 4 Dead. With six million sales/players as its opening volley, the new IP is off to a positive start.

Back 4 Blood is available now on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.