Bandai Namco: Dark Souls III 'fastest selling title in American branch's history'


Praise the cash

Looks like all that tackyDark Soulsmarketing paid off.

Namco Bandai America has announced that Dark Souls III, which saw one of the most annoying campaigns in history leading up to its release, has broken American sales records. It is now the “fastest-selling game in their American branch’s history.” To date, the series has reportedly sold in the neighborhood of 10 million copies worldwide (give or take some unsubstantiated Demon’s Souls numbers), and although exact figures haven’t been provided, we can expect that number to grow at some point.

I just started my third playthrough of the game over the weekend with my wife, who has never played aSoulsgame before,across two side-by-side TVs.With some verbal-only help she ended up getting stuck at the second boss, but it was really interesting to watch a newcomer first-hand, given that I’ve been trained to constantly be on my toes since Demon’s Soulsin 2009. Seeing her laugh because something came out of nowhere and killed her in one hit is pretty special.