Bandai Namco to increase Switch support in 2018, including three exclusive games


Death by Degrees 2?

During a financial briefing by Bandai Namco, studio President Mitsuaki Taguchi spoke of his enthusiasm for the Nintendo Switch platform, with the legendary company planning to dedicate more resources to the format in 2018.

“We have put out three games on the Switch so far and all of them are doing well,” stated Taguchi. “It’s a shame, but we didn’t think the Switch (would) be accepted this fast.”

It is a song being sung by more and more third party developers, who were tentative to approach Nintendo’s latest console, but are now starting to understand the potential of the machine and its market, in its money-making capacity at the very least.

Bandai Namco will be boosting their Switch development from April of next year, with plans to announce three format-exclusive titles by Summer. Taguchi added that it was possible all the company’s brands could see eventual Switch products.

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