Banner Saga 3 already met its funding goal


Playable Dredge are the first stretch goal

I don’t know that any of us were expecting Stoic to not bring in $200,000 to help fund development on The Banner Saga 3, but here’s confirmation, about a week later: the studio has in fact done it.

With that funding threshold out of the way, it’s onto stretch goals for the turn-based strategy title. First up, at $250,000 raised, is playable Dredge heroes — the Stoneguard, Hurler, and Stonesinger.

Playing as “the enemy” can be a fun concept, particularly when they look this cool.

Banner Saga 3‘s crowdfunding campaign will be up until Tuesday, March 7, so there’s plenty of time left for fans to meet this attainable goal and whatever else Stoic might think up after that.

Fully Funded! And 1st Stretch Goal! [Kickstarter]