Banner Saga 3 sure looks pretty


Backers can play the first Alpha Battle

Oh, right! Banner Saga 3 is happening. That tidbit slipped my mind in the months since the Kickstarter wrapped up, but today’s video — a key art trailer — is a pleasant reminder of what’s to come.

Well, maybe pleasant isn’t the right word. No surprise: this won’t be a feel-good game.

Along with the video, Stoic is letting certain backers check out its first playable Alpha Battle, “single-serving battles where you get a first look at new features and may help us tune them and tweak them.”

The studio would prefer folks to not share video or screens of this stuff, noting, “A lot of this work will be updated and polished before the game launches.” If you contributed to Banner Saga 3‘s Kickstarter at the Banner Bearer tier or higher, though, dig in. “The goal here is to show you a new feature (in this case, the new ‘Battle Waves’ system) so we can hear what you think,” according to Stoic.

The first Alpha Battle is here! New Art Reveal! [Kickstarter]