The Basilisk of the Rot has surprisingly useful Elden Ring tips


What is your wisdom?

Basilisks can be a real pain, but Elden Ring players are doing what they’ve always done: finding humor in suffering. Enter the Basilisk of the Rot, a surprisingly helpful meme.

The big-eyed basilisks are back in Elden Ring, and they’re as keen as ever to chase you down in a pack in the most precarious places. If this isn’t your first FromSoftware rodeo, you know what to expect — death. Either you strike them all down when you get the chance, or they overwhelm you until you’re left cursed (or in this case, Death Blighted).

Except this one! As the meme goes, a tarnished hero approaches an all-knowing basilisk, and the beast hops up on a ledge and kind of just chills there, offering its insight.

I saw one of these images the other week on Reddit and didn’t think much of it. But the more memes I come across, the more I think they’re… actually pretty helpful? Your results will vary — that goes for essentially every facet of the Elden Ring experience — but I bet you’ll pick up something new. If nothing else, the basilisk’s stupid face still cracks me up.

If you’re planning to visit the Roundtable Hold… from Eldenring

See what I mean? I never thought to sell my runes to Hewg, the resident blacksmith. As elaborated by Reddit user _MrMaster_, this method “isn’t that big of a difference in speed but it does overall help with efficiency because the sell screen tells you exactly how many runes each type gives you. Very fast to do the math and sell down to the proper amount for your next stat point, rather than keep popping them and tapping around to different types and popping them all individually (by type) to get the right amount.”

More easily digestible nuggets of Elden Ring wisdom from the Basilisk of the Rot

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Basilisk of the Rot Elden ring from MemeTemplatesOfficial

my god basilisk, if only I had known before 130 hours in… from Eldenring

Thank you Basilisk, very cool from Eldenring

Basilisk of the Rot, what is your wisdom? from Eldenring

Here’s a quick tip for any newer players from Eldenring

Want to make your own image for a coveted bit of internet glory? Here’s the template for the Basilisk of the Rot meme courtesy of Reddit user TsukasaKun. Knowing is half the battle — and grinding can get you the rest of the way. I hope these pointers help out.