Bastion is nearly unkillable on the PTR right now


This seems fine

Alongside the Roadhog and Winston changes in the latest PTR patch, Bastion also received a few tweaks. While we’ve known for awhile now that the changes would focus on making his sentry and tank mode transformations more viable, things might have gotten a little out of control. Right now, Bastion is practically unkillable under the right circumstances.

In the latest patch, Bastion gained a new passive ability called “ironclad” that reduces incoming damage by 35% while in sentry or tank mode. Seems fair, a little bonus to make sure he doesn’t instantly melt from focused fire. But, when you combine that with Ana’s nano boost ultimate that provides an additional 50% damage reduction on top of that, everyone’s favorite little robot turns into an unstoppable juggernaut. Just watch the video below where a boosted Bastion shrugs off some of the most powerful ultimates in the game without breaking a sweat.

I’m guessing this won’t make it out of the PTR. Seems like the simple fix is to just remove his ironclad bonus once he’s boosted, but who knows, stranger things have made it into games before. Make sure to hop onto the PTR with your pocket Ana if you want to enjoy the carnage while it lasts.