Bastion released on Xbox One today, and it's free for those who have it on 360


Only until next year, though

[The Kid woke up with some pep in his step. It’s the day he had circled on his calendar, the day he patiently waited for. The goods were free and the goods were good. You gotta cling to the little victories because the big victories might never come. He knew the world could fall apart at anytime, but for just one moment The Kid felt like everything was coming up roses.]

It’s probably not the game you have your eye on in late 2016, but it’s a nice stocking stuffer for the end of the year. Supergiant Games is releasing Bastionon Xbox One, a gussied-up version that includes 1080p visuals and the Stranger’s Dreamadd-on. It sells for $14.99.

However — and this is the part most of you will want to pay attention to — it’s free for a limited time for anyone who owns Bastion on Xbox 360. If that applies to you, just hit this link anytime in December to claim your freebie. The offer expires on January 1.

Bastion[Microsoft Store]