Batman adds to his gadgetry with an Arkham Knight limited edition silver PS4


Close out the Arkham trilogy in style

Sony knows the sales potential of Rocksteady’s Batman:Arkham Knight, and it’s using the highly-anticipated game to try to move a few more PlayStation 4s. A limited edition console was announced today that shines as bright as the Bat-Signal.

The Arkham Knight-themed PS4 is a slick silver color, similar to the 20th anniversary throwback. There’s a faceplate that bears Batman’s trademark, while showing the shadow of him standing tall with a sweeping cape.

The limited edition bundle packs the PS4, a matching silver controller, and Arkham Knighttogether for $449.99. Sony’s also offering a standard edition which comes with the usual black PS4, a controller, and the gamefor $399.99. These bundles aren’t yet available for pre-order, but Sony’s site denotes that they’re “coming soon.”

After a handful of delays, Batman: Arkham Knightis scheduled to release on June 23 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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